Why P&C insurers need automation tools for the rising tide of catastrophe claims

With the number of natural disasters continuing to increase thanks to climate change, mitigating portfolio risk is no longer enough for P&C insurers. Adjusters need a faster way to process disaster claims.


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AI-powered automation platforms are the solution to dramatically accelerating claims approvals. In fact, Automation Hero’s deep-learning AI has helped insurance companies reduce claim processing times by 80%.

In our e-book, “Why P&C Insurers Need Automation Tools for the Rising Tide of Catastrophe Claims,” you’ll learn:

  • Why manual processes and legacy RPAs no longer cut it
  • How automated data extraction can eliminate tedious document processes
  • Why claims adjusters need AI to better serve customers — and reduce risk
  • How Automation Hero is a key tool in your strategy to alleviate exposure to climate change

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