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Supply Chain Challenges: Where can Automation Help?

There’s no doubt that the global supply chain has been turned on its head in recent years. While this has come with its fair share of challenges, it has also presented new opportunities.


Jen Hollowood-Smith

Head of Consumer Markets, Robiquity


Cindy Almonte

Sr. Product Manager, Automation Hero

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Join Automation Hero and our valued partner Robiquity on July 21 for a discussion around the supply chain industry’s tackling of current global challenges, as well as the role of technology in the future of the supply chain.

Industry experts, Jen Hollowood-Smith of Robiquity and Cindy Almonte of Automation Hero will discuss:

  • Current supply chain challenges including product and labor shortages, increased costs, and volatile market conditions.
  • The issues scaling and integration with legacy systems, including costs and technical challenges.
  • How an innovative, digitized supply chain can bring efficiencies across your organization, and where automation fits in.

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