Overwhelmed by the LIBOR transition? Automation to the rescue


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The global deadline for phasing out LIBOR is fast approaching, but many organizations are still struggling to complete the transition work — even with help from automation. Common challenges include:

  • IDP systems that can’t understand the wide variations of LIBOR language and contract formats
  • Expensive RPAs that can’t handle the incredible complexity of the project
  • Automation solutions that still drain skilled labor resources

Automation was supposed to make the LIBOR transition easier, so why is it still draining your resources? In this ebook, you’ll learn about:

  • The next generation of deep learning AI-powered automation
  • How IDP can function more accurately — even with old legacy documents
  • How you can build a self-serve workflow in minutes, without high-level IT support
  • The power of upgrading your existing systems with true AI

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SOC for Service Organizations