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Intelligent Automation for Utilities

The Future is now: How basic-to-advanced automation can be applied to the utilities industry


Bill Silkett

Senior Director, HEXstream


Terry Marsh

Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Lead, HEXstream


Andre Wolosewicz

Sales Director, Automation Hero

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Automation is taking the business world by storm. But oftentimes, especially in utilities, it's often a disjointed approach. Siloed departments, data, and tools contribute to mediocre results and prevent companies from advancing their automation strategies with higher ROI. 

Join HEXstream and Automation Hero as we discuss the future of the utilities industry and the impact of intelligent automation whether you're just getting started or looking to expand. 

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • What is RPA, intelligent automation and hyperautomation and how they apply to the utilities industry
  • Where organizations are being slowed down and obstacles that often come up
  • Example applications of process automation, ranging from easy-to-implement to more complex

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