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Beyond OCR: Exploring The Evolution of Intelligent Document Processing with GigaOm

Tune in to hear about the growing need for accurate data extraction, the technology that will get us there, and the evolving IDP market landscape.


Stefan Groschupf

CEO, Automation Hero


Saurabh Sharma

Lead Analyst, GigaOm

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Enterprises have long used OCR tools to extract data from documents containing structured and semi-structured data. However, the limitations of the OCR tools are hard to ignore. OCR tools, lacking intelligence of their own, can hardly deliver accuracy greater than 60% in data extraction.

Given that the remainder of the document processing must be done manually, the amount of human involvement and effort required makes using OCR tools for bulk document processing a cumbersome exercise.

So, what’s next? The availability of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning capabilities are all making IDP solutions the next logical solution - specifically around challenges involving handwriting and complex documents.

In the webinar, GigaOm Lead Analyst, Saurabh Sharma, will join Automation Hero CEO, Stefan Groschupf, for a discussion about the IDP landscape and what enterprises should consider when looking into a solution.

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