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Deep Analysis: Automation Hero shows “great promise” in unstructured data

In its Vendor Vignette, Deep Analysis shows how Automation Hero applies lessons learned from the world of big data to its IDP solution.


"Purpose built for large-scale unstructured data projects"

Enterprise technology analyst firm, Deep Analysis, highlights Automation Hero’s unique ability to process documents, pointing to its ability to handle unstructured data.

In its review of the technology, Deep Analysis highlights Automation Hero’s highly technical infrastructure and platform, calling it, “purpose built for large-scale unstructured data projects.”

And while Deep Analysis points out the potential complexity of a technically robust solution, it also highlights Automation Hero’s no-code environment, integration connectors, and human-in-the-loop platform.

The report from Deep Analysis makes particular note of Automation Hero’s:

  • Unique AI capabilities that include context-aware OCR
  • Ability to handle highly complex use cases
  • Technical, big data approach to unstructured data

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