Buried Under Documents? Let Intelligent Document Processing Help


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Businesses have leaned on robotic process automation (RPA) to help identify, organize, and create tasks based on information in documents.

Some organizations have attempted to push the limits of their legacy RPA tools to make their document processing even more effective.

Unfortunately, these tools fail to provide larger-scale features of intelligent document processing (IDP) because they:

  • Can’t understand unstructured information
  • Fail to scale processes along with business growth
  • Don’t operate as an end-to-end solution

Developers can use better designed IDP systems to make their document processing more efficient than ever before. In our e-book, The Evolution of Intelligent Document Processing, you’ll learn about:

  • How IDP technology has evolved over the last few decades
  • The difference between legacy RPA tools and modern intelligent automation systems
  • Automation Hero’s future-proof and flexible approach to IDP

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