Beyond RPA: Upgrading to enterprise AI for the 2020s


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Automation has transformed businesses for more than two decades, streamlining processes so more can get done with less work. But if you’re still using a legacy RPA, you’re probably struggling with challenges like:

  • High implementation costs
  • Incredibly long lead times for initial setup
  • Difficulty scaling to different departments or business processes
  • Downtime caused by frequent maintenance
  • Human error from data entry or incorrect routing

It’s time to take advantage of the time and cost savings associated with end-to-end intelligent process automation. In our e-book, Beyond RPA: Upgrading to Enterprise AI for the 2020s, you’ll learn about:

  • The new generation of deep learning AI-powered automation
  • How IDP can process virtually every single type of document
  • Automation Hero’s template-free approach that lets you build advanced AI models without IT support
  • Leveraging our platform as an end-to-end solution or filling gaps in your current system

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SOC for Service Organizations