• Webinar
  • Jun. 15, 2023
  • 11am EDT

Beyond Chat: GPT for Document Processing

The value from enterprise AI that reads, understands, and processes documents like a human

Stefan Groschupf

Stefan Groschupf

Founder & CEO


Max Michel

Chief Product Officer

Mark Stripp

Mark Stripp

Head of Global Sales

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Generative AI tools like ChatGPT have recently gained mainstream attention. The technologies contain large language models—AI trained to read and respond to language—to answer the user’s questions in a “chat” format. It seems that everyone is asking: “how can I use this technology?”

For enterprise tech leaders, the pressing question is how large language models and GPTs can move the needle and solve real-world business problems. At Automation Hero, we have seen firsthand the challenges that enterprises are facing, and we have developed award-winning AI and an end-to-end automation platform to provide real value in processing documents.

On June 15, Automation Hero executives will engage in a lively discussion about the promise, misconceptions, and the most valuable applications of large language models, particularly as they apply to documents. 

They will discuss:

  • The definition of an enterprise-ready GPT—from capabilities to data security
  • How large language models can be used to read and understand documents
  • Examples of Automation Hero’s GPT technology in action

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Jun 15 | 11am EDT

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