Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) is 2.4x more accurate than ABBYY and Rossum


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Benchmarking Automation Hero, ABBYY, and Rossum AI-based platforms for invoice processing

  • With a myriad of vendors touting competitive AI capabilities, it’s critical for organizations to evaluate success based on actual performance numbers. As such, we evaluated Automation Hero against two prominent AI-based invoice processing solutions – ABBYY and Rossum.
  • Automation Hero’s native AI solution outperformed both alternatives by approximately 60% and 100% respectively.

Out-of-the-box processing

To test the robustness of each tool’s AI we used publicly available hotel receipts that accurately resemble invoice document information. Below are just some of the types of information processed:

  • Name
  • Address / Country
  • Confirmation Number
  • Charges
  • Reference numbers

To keep neutrality no AI models were introduced to previous data or information that would allow recognition or adjustments. This data can usually be divided into 3 categories and you can checkout our benchmark below to see how Automation Hero outperformed the competition in each one. Making it, if not the most one of the most accurate AI platforms on the market to date:

  • Global average (Included headers and line items)
  • Header average
  • Line item average

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