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Accelerating ROI with Automation Hero’s IDP Technology

Consider this: you’ve identified documents that you want to process automatically. Would you rather spend 6 months implementing the solution or 6 weeks?


Mark Stripp

VP Sales EMEA, Automation Hero


Nico Martinez

Solution Engineer, Automation Hero

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It may sound obvious, implementing a solution faster will accelerate and maximize your ROI. From saving internal resources on implementation to the cost savings realized from the automation itself, the opportunities to save are real.

The good news is that with industry-leading AI and the most accurate OCR, Automation Hero’s platform is built to reduce time-to-value and deliver results. Join us for an ROI-focused discussion on June 22.

During the webinar, we will discuss how Automation Hero reduces implementation and onboarding time, and unleashes your automations to achieve faster ROI. Our team of automation experts will discuss:

Our team will give examples of successful implementations and demonstrate our platform processing documents. They’ll show how Automation Hero makes faster time-to-value possible and accelerates ROI.

  • How we have eliminated the need to train AI models with thousands of document samples
  • How our easy-to-use no-code platform saves you implementation time and headaches
  • Why an end-to-end IDP solution is a better option than relying on your legacy RPA platform

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